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The OnePlus 2 is arguably one of the most anticipated smartphones to come from China, for reasons good and bad alike.  Thanks to posts and teasers by the OnePlus team, we now know quite a lot about the upcoming flagship, especially things like the device running a lower clocked version of Snapdragon 810, the device using OnePlus’s own Oxygen ROM instead of Cyanogen, the fingerprint scanner on the device, even that the device will have a USB-C port, not to mention an earlier tip today claiming a dual camera design.
Despite all this however, the CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau, figured that this still wasn’t enough. He decided to take to Weibo and post a short comment asking people how to define “full metal”. For those who haven’t noticed, this is a clear tease that the OnePlus 2 will have a metal build (and possibly an attempt to poke fun at Meizu too) a step away from the Sandstone Black and Silk White StyleSwap covers of the original OnePlus One. We know for a fact that many people will probably love this change, but on the flipside there are also people who simply love the swapable OnePlus One rear covers.
With all these teasers and posts, you really have to wonder whether there will still be any questions left during the OnePlus 2 launch. We already know quite a lot about the device, and the launch of the device itself is still a few weeks away. What do you think? Is it wise of OnePlus to release all of this information, or should they just keep everything under wraps until the 27th? Tell us in the comments.
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