xiaomi mi band 1sThe Xiaomi Mi Band might be a simple wearable, but the fact it is so simple means the battery life is fantastic and it is a true wear and forget device. The next gen Mi Band 1S though will be even better.
Take a quick look at the images here and you might not notice the difference between the current Mi Band and the next gen Mi Band 1S but a closer inspection reveals what looks like a heart rate sensor. The sensor sits on the rear of the module which lives in the rubber Mi Band strap. The added feature is sure to boost the overall functionality of the wearable, but what effect will it have on the excellent battery life?
xiaomi mi band 1s
On the front it appears Xiaomi won’t go for a display, and will retain the same alloy finish and LED arrangement as the current Mi Band. Chances are the price of the Mi Band 1S will remain the same as the current version once launched.
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